2016 W-MASC League Policies

Approved 4/2/16 at W-MASC Conference Meeting

Section I – Membership
Membership in the Women’s Midwest Alliance Soccer Conference (W-MASC) may be revised on a yearly basis and is restricted to accredited colleges and universities in the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association’s (NIRSA) Region III which consists of eligible schools from the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, & Wisconsin.

The W-MASC is affiliated with NIRSA.  In accordance with the by-laws of NIRSA, membership in the W-MASC is open to any NCAA or NAIA college and university within the NIRSA Region III area.

Any team that fails to meet its responsibilities as a league member will be subject to probation or suspension.

Section II – Annual Dues
The league fee for membership in the W-MASC is $300 for all teams.  These fees will cover the costs of the annual regional tournament, financial assistance for the three automatic bids to attend the NIRSA National Championship Tournament (entry fees, miscellaneous costs, etc.), and administrative costs.  There will be an additional fee of $125 for the 12 teams that qualify for the Regional Tournament.  League fees postmarked after October 1 will incur a $50 late fee.

Teams that qualify for the Regional Tournament ARE REQUIRED to attend.

Section III – Conference Officers
The W-MASC will be directed by a League Commissioner who presides over all matters affecting the W-MASC.  The Commissioner of the W-MASC may delegate specific authority or tasks to other league representatives and/or the Assistant Commissioner (if assigned), who shall preside over a rules committee of league delegates. The Commissioner shall make a financial report and present it to the league members at the annual spring meeting.

Section IV – Annual Conference Meeting
All member teams are required to attend the annual conference meeting that is typically held in late March.  Important items requiring membership vote are discussed (expansion, policies, budget) as well as completion of league scheduling.  Failure to attend the conference meeting without approval will result in a $50 fine

Section V – Schedules
By accepting membership in the W-MASC, each member school agrees to participate in all league matches as scheduled and certified by the Commissioner.  Changes to the W-MASC schedule may be made, with the consent of all involved clubs and the conference Commissioner. Failure to satisfy league game commitments may result in the levying of fines and suspension from the W-MASC for the following season or longer.

Section VI – Hosting Home Games and Tournaments
The host team of a home game or tournament is responsible for scheduling all game officials, scheduling the fields, setting game times, and providing accommodation information to the visiting teams.  The host team is also responsible for facility costs, but these costs can be shared if visiting clubs are in prior written agreement.  When the host team is not playing, the officials' fees will be split 50/50 between the two teams playing. The host team is responsible for collecting official's fees and field costs (if applicable) in a timely manner.  

If a match between two teams is not played because of failure for a team to meet its responsibilities (securing fields, obtaining officials, arriving to play, etc.), then the team at fault may be liable to pay legitimate expenses incurred by the other team(s).  A cap of $300 per team may be recovered and questionable expenses can be sent to the Commissioner for approval. 

In the case of a match being cancelled because of the failure of a team to meet its responsibilities, then it will be recorded as a forfeit for the team at fault (forfeit victories are scored 3-0).  If no team is at fault, and the game cannot be rescheduled, then the game is cancelled (cancelled games receive no points).  All league games must be played on or before October 23, 2016 to count towards league standings and tournament placement.  If a game is started and one full half is played and then called because of weather, loss of daylight or any other "act of god" then it will be considered a full match and the score will be recorded as so. 

Game officials are the responsibility of the host team. Three (3) licensed officials should be present at every match. Failure to have at least two (2) certified officials (FIFA, NFHS, NCAA, or USSF) present during a home game will result in a forfeit by the host team. The host team of single games is responsible for the game officials and the full costs of the officials. All games shall be played under NCAA rules (including field dimensions) with exception for unlimited player substitutions.

All games will start within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time, unless agreed upon by both teams.  If a game does not begin within this period, the team at fault will be charged with a forfeit. Clubs are encouraged to accommodate teams during unforeseen circumstances, i.e. travel problems, getting lost, weather, etc… If a forfeit is being requested, the Commissioner / Assistant Commissioner should be contacted immediately and they will make the determination of a forfeit.  Whenever possible, host teams should allow for a minimum break of two (2) hours between games for all invitational participants. League games shall consist of two halves no less than 30 minutes and no more than 45 minutes in length, with no overtime. The only time halves should be less than 40 minutes in length should be for daylight issues, weather and to shorten games to give teams more time between games.

Teams hosting an invitational and/or home matches are expected to provide game information (i.e. date, time and game location) to all participants a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled contest. Game information needs to be emailed and/or telephoned to all participating teams and the League Commissioner.

Rescheduling:  To reschedule a game the team needing to make the change needs to contact the team(s) involved a minimum of five (5) days prior to the scheduled match.  This change needs to be approved by the teams involved and the Commissioner.  Failure to do so may result in a forfeit for the team making the request to change.  This does not include the acts of god discussed at the conference meeting.

Section VII – Player Eligibility
Player eligibility shall be in full accordance with NIRSA policy. Each team should consist of no more than 24 dressed players during each match. Rosters are limited to no more than three (3) former varsity or former semi-pro athletes.  All members of a team must be enrolled one-half of full-time enrollment as an undergraduate or six (6) credits as a graduate student at the institution they represent, during the term/semester of the regular season. Professional players or current NCAA or NAIA varsity players are not eligible to participate. A varsity athlete is defined as a student who by definition of the college/university's athletic department has been listed on the school's roster for the college/university team greater than three weeks during the same academic year.  Players are limited to six appearances in NCCS/NIRSA National events or appearing on a varsity roster per sport. These appearances can be nonconsecutive, but after any six appearances on a roster in the same sport eligibility is exhausted. Visit NIRSA Player Eligibility for more detailed information.

Section VIII – Uniforms
For all league matches, each team shall wear uniforms of matching color, design, and pattern. All jerseys (except those of goalkeepers) must be clearly and uniquely numbered on the back with numbers at least six inches in height.  When the uniforms of both teams are similar, the home team shall be required to change. Failure to comply with the league uniform policy may result in disciplinary action against the teams in violation. Each team attending a game should have one set of light and dark jerseys (numbered, t-shirt jerseys are acceptable).

Section IX – Ejections
Any player/s ejected from a league game shall be suspended from the next league game. If an individual player received three (3) ejections during one season, he/she will be suspended from league/conference tournament play for the remainder of the season.  Additional disciplinary action may result if a team persists in misconduct. This is a self-policing policy.

Section X – Forfeitures & Cancellations
Teams that no-show forfeit or cancel a contest within five (5) days of the scheduled match will be responsible for restitution of expenses incurred by their opponents ($300 max per team, per occurrence).  Cancellations made greater than five (5) days before the scheduled match must be approved by the League Commissioner.  Cancellations without rescheduling and no-show forfeits will be scored as a 3-0 forfeit victory for opponents – report score as 3-0 F and include cancellation correspondence or no-show forfeit details.  Clubs incurring any combination of three (3) or more forfeits or cancellations will be ineligible for regional play and suspended from league competition the following season.  Clubs with two (2) forfeits or cancellations will be placed on probation for the following season.

Any game cancelled (with no team at fault) that is not replayed will be recorded as a cancelled game with no points assigned.

Section XI – Probation & Suspension
If a team is placed on probation, they will still be permitted to host matches and be eligible for the power ranking, but further infractions to league policies may result in suspension.  Teams on probation are still eligible to vote in league matters.

If a team on probation fails to uphold their membership responsibilities, or a serious infraction occurs, they may be suspended from the league.  Suspended teams will be ineligible to participate in league games or regional tournament.  They will be ineligible to vote in league matters and may reapply for membership the following year.  If readmitted, suspended teams will be under a one year probationary period and reevaluated for full membership.

Section XII – Game Results and Standings
All competing teams should report the scores from all the matches that were played.  These scores should be reported no later than 12 noon on the Monday following the weekend matches.  If there are games played mid-week or outside the normal weekend dates then these scores should be sent to the commissioner no later than 48hrs after the match.  All score results should be recorded in IMLeagues.

Standings will be determined on a point basis. A win will count as six (6) points, a tie as three (3), and a loss as none. Only divisional games will be included in the determination of divisional standings.  In the event of a tie in the divisional standings, the following will be used to resolve order of standings.  Only divisional games will be included.

  1. Head to Head Result
  2. Overall Goal Differential (max +/- 3 points per game)
  3. Total Goals Allowed
  4. Total Shutouts Recorded
  5. Coin Flip

If a three or more teams are tied, then the tiebreak order will restart after each tie is broken.
Team A, Team B, & Team C each have a 5-1 division record and split losses between each other – cannot use head to head result
Team A has +30 goal differential, Team B & C each have +25 – Team A secures top spot in division
Team B defeated Team C 2-1 – Team B secures second place with head to head result
If however, Team B & C tied head to head, then we would move to total goals allowed.

Each W-MASC team will play ten (10) regular season conference/power ranked games. Each team will play the teams in their division and then the remaining games will be played outside the division as assigned by the Commissioner. The intra-divisional games will be counted in the division standings, while the out of division games will be counted in the overall record which is used for the NIRSA power rankings.

Section XIII –Expansion
Expansion of the league will be subject to a majority vote by league members, and by referrals of the W-MASC Commissioner. Requests for league affiliation should be submitted to the League Commissioner prior to February 28 to be considered for the following season.  Expansion teams will be subject to the following guidelines:

1) A one year probationary period where the following will be considered to be inducted into the league:
a. Team Conduct
b. Participation
c. Maintaining League Responsibilities
2) No voting rights for the probationary period;
3) The forfeit of any league games during a probationary period will be grounds for removal from the league, at the discretion of the Commissioner.

Section XIV – Power Rankings
Power rankings will be determined by the following point system:
Win = 6 pts
Tie = 3 pts
Loss = 0 pts
Bonus Goals = 1pt for each goal up to 3 goals max per game
Shut out = 1 pt
The 10 games assigned by the commissioner are the 10 games that apply to the power ranking standings.

Section XV – Postseason Play
The W-MASC Regional Tournament will consist of twelve (12) teams. The top two (2) teams from the North, East, West and Great Lakes, divisions and four (4) wild card teams as of October 24, 2016 will be invited to compete.  The four (4) wild card teams will be the next highest power ranked teams that have not already qualified by divisional placing.  The tournament location is TBA and set for October 29-30, 2016.  All teams that qualify for the regional tournament are required to attend.  Forfeiting regional tournament games will result in a one-year suspension from the league.

In the event no postseason tournament can be played, then automatic bids will be awarded based on final power rankings only.  At large bid recommendations will be at the discretion of the League Commissioner and Regional Coordinator.

Teams that qualify for the Regional Tournament ARE REQUIRED to attend. 
Forfeiting regional tournament games will result in a one-year suspension from the league.

Section XVI – National Bids
NIRSA guarantees Region III three national bids.  These bids will be handed out to the W-MASC Regional Tournament Champion and the #1 & #2 power ranked teams at the conclusion of the Regional Tournament (teams will continue to earn power points for games played during the regional tournament).  In the event the same team who receives a NIRSA automatic power ranking bid also wins the W-MASC Regional Tournament, then the power ranking automatic bid will go the #3 power ranked team at the conclusion of the Regional Tournament.  Additional bids, recommended at the discretion of the league commissioner and regional coordinator, will be based on overall performance during the regular season and regional tournament. 

In the event of a tie in the final power rank standings, the following will be used to resolve order of the power ranking.

  1. Head to Head Result
  2. Overall Goal Differential (max +/- 3 points per game)
  3. Total Goals Allowed
  4. Total Shutouts Recorded
  5. Coin Flip

Section XVII – Commissioner's Statement
In the event a circumstance of significance to the conference arises that is not covered in the league policies, the Commissioner is empowered to use his discretion to resolve the matter in the best interest of the W-MASC.


Last Updated: July 2016